Upsize Water Main – Troop Housing Area

Fort Meade has a workforce of approximately 39,000 members, composed of military, civilian and contractor personnel. It is the fourth largest workforce of Army installations in the continental United States. In 2009, American Water (AW) was awarded ownership and a 50-year contract for the operations, maintenance, upgrades, renewal and replacement of water and wastewater systems at Fort Meade.

In 2013, AW awarded Ferguson Trenching Co., Inc. (FTC) a design build contract to increase fire flows to the 6th Cavalry Troop Housing located on Fort Meade. FTC is in the process of upgrading 3,000 linear feet of aging 8” cast iron water main with 12” PVC C-900 water main. In addition to the water main, FTC is installing eleven fire hydrants, reconnection three 8” fire service connections and thirteen 4” water service connections. The majority of construction is taking place in 6th Armored Cavalry Road and requires extensive pedestrian and vehicular maintenance of traffic.

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